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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How can I find a right certification body?

A certification body should follow relevant CASCO standards. To find a certification body you can visit International Accreditation Forum

Q2. Is the certificate issued by government?

No. ISO Management Systems certificates are issued by Independent certification bodies.

Q3. Do we have more paper work? Need to appoint additional people?

No. We can simplify and can maintain in any mode either soft/hard.
Each process owner is responsible for their process. It is not required to add an exclusive person for Implementation. It is collective responsibility.

Q4. Is it one time certification/Audit?

No. Certification validity will be 3 years. On successful completion of surveillance audits, certification continuity will be recommended.

Q5. Can I use ISO Logo?

ISO logo cannot be used as it is trademark registered. There is no common logo to demonstrate ISO 9001/14001/any other standard certified. Certification body will issue the logo with guidelines to use logo.
Eg: Certified organization can say "An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company"